Saturday, January 13, 2007

Snow and trees and Antare

Ah, fresh snow, beautiful, fluffy, white stuff!

Made even better by an early bird skidooer who reset the trail for us. No idea who it was, but Thanks!!

The weight of the snow is affecting more and more trees! Sometimes being tall is a problem--lots more ducking!

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Ducking leads to wobbly videos! Dogs today were Paxil-Mac, Ozzy-Pacer, Anvik-Franklin.

It warmed up to about -20C today. Felt almost spring like. Mac needed a snowbath to cool down after his run or he's just nuts. Could be a bit of both!

I know this next picture sucks, but some things just have to be documented anyway!

This was taken this evening. The dogs are Antare-Pingo, Hobo, Raven-Deuce. It occurred to me the other day that my leaders are rapidly aging. My two best will be 10 & 11 in a couple months. Sundin is just as good, but I can't catch him often enough to rely on him.

So I've decided to try some of the others up front. Antare got his first turn as a lead dog tonight! Antare is afraid of his own shadow most of the time; he acted like I was killing him when I moved him past his usual wheel position; I really wasn't sure he was even going to move, but he did and once we got past the chaos of the first few minutes, he settled right in. He worked hard, he looked comfortable. I don't think he really knew what he was doing, but he did what Pingo told him to and for now, that's good enough! I am very proud of my little chicken dog!


dogsled_stacie said...

Hey, was that yesterday? The sun was georgous! I got a nice pic of it when it was setting out on the river.

Yeah, isn't the plentiful snow great?!?! I had put the snowhook in yesterday and it was like it was stuck in cement! Took me a few minutes to get the damned thing out!! :) But I'm not complaining...

Way to go Antare!! That's awesome. Ivy did the same thing for me after we had kind of a crappy run yesterday - on the way home, her and Loki did an awesome job of getting us home.

Wandering Spirit Kennels said...

Hey Stacie

All those pics are from yesterday. Took the first team out about noon. The sun was great!

Ya gotta like it when snowhooks actually hold! I haven't had to use the snub line on the trail for quite awhile.

Antare did great. Maybe some of that confidence will transfer over to when he's not working! What happened on your run to make it crappy?