Thursday, May 24, 2007

If I can't have snow....

I'll take water!

The ice is off the smaller lakes now and the Carolina is back on the water. The Eclipse is still hanging from the shop roof cuz there's just no way I can get it down by myself. Oh, well, the Carolina is more comfy anyway! My Dad will be happy to hear that it's more stable too.


Holly said...

Be-woo-tiful scenery! What I wouldn't give to live in pretty Canada!


Phred from Ohio said...

Toot! ~ TOOT!

Let's go boating!
How many Swimmin Husky's does it take to pull a Kyak?

That might be an interesting experiment! (Till some of 'em decided to hop aboard to get dry!) >EEK<

Hope you're a "Good Girl" and WEAR your PFD (Personal Flotation Device / LIFE Jacket), buckled up, ALL the time!

Have *phunn* and stay dry!
Try to remember: Rounded side down; lumpy / human-shaped side UP!

/s/ Phred from Ohio