Monday, February 26, 2007

Back on the trail...

After a week of working on their lounging techniques, the dogs headed back out today. At about 10am there was no wind. It was still close to -30C, but without the howling wind that didn't feel so bad! A windy week has obliterated all the tracks across the lake. Sundin did not inherit his mother's gift for finding the trail. There was much weaving and wandering all across the lake! Good thing it's just a little pothole lake! The dogs were having fun. I think some of Sundin's wandering was related to his love of snowdrifts! He seems to delight in plowing through drifts!

Once we got off the lake, Sundin did something I've never seen from him before. He quit! First he tried to turn the team around. When that didn't work, he just laid down. I wish someone who believed sled dogs are forced to run could have seen me trying to get Sundin just to stand up! There was no way that dog was moving unless I figured out what he wanted and he could somehow make it look like moving was his idea all along. I finally decided I was just going to load him into the sled. He hadn't shown any signs of difficulty, but I figured something had to be wrong! As I brought him by the wheel dogs, he perked right up! Sundin wanted to run. He just didn't want to lead!

Once I put him in wheel, he went back to doing his happy dog gait, tail wagging and tug line tight! He went another 15km without missing a stride!

Now that we got that silliness out of our systems, we are all content to spend the afternoon inside defrosting!


dogsled_stacie said...

Ha - I took the same frosty, totally covered face of me on Sunday! It's funny, it was -28 when we went out (was out all day actually with various groups!), but it didn't feel too cold at all? Weird... or we're just getting tougher. :)

Weird about Sundin too! But funny about the leading thing - Rupert does that all the time. He doesn't "quit" as in he's still moving, but he'll be bouncing along, checking out the scenery and slacking on the tugline - totally annoying all of us! Move him to wheel, and HOLY CRAP - it's a new dog! Sometimes I think they just don't want to think too hard. Hell, I'm the same!

Maybe the weaving around on the lake maxed him out!?

Wandering Spirit Kennels said...

As long as that wind isn't in your face -30 isn't so bad! That's what I told myself yesterday anyway!

I think Sundin had issues with a couple things--first all the "where the hell am I going" on the lake and then our annoying neighbor's dog, who was running beside the team barking insanely! I think he was sick of Daisy barking in his face! She was starting to get on my nerves too!

Phred from Ohio said...

"I think he was sick of Daisy barking in his face!"

Darn back seat drivers!
You wann lead, Daisy? Here - take my spot!

dogsled_stacie said...

Daisy runs and barks at the team? What a freak! :)