Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Wow! We had a huge thunderstorm earlier this evening. I managed to get out of working at bingo so I could come home and check on the pups. Heyoka, the biggest of them all, is also the biggest baby. He hates thunder. He seemed fine once he got in the house and settled on a blankie, but poor Pingo. I've never seen such complete fear from Pingo. She's usually a pretty confident girl, but she was shaking like a leaf. She wouldn't go more than six inches away from me and actually wanted to be held when the noise was at it's worst. I felt physically ill just watching how scared she was! I gave her some rescue remedy, but of course, it didn't kick in in time. She's sleeping nicely now, although she's still a little jumpy.

I had 13 dogs inside tonight at the height of the storm. First time I've done that since Dominique died. They were all great, very well behaved, even the scared ones! I think it was good for me to let them in again too. I was even more careful than usual, but at least things are starting to feel a bit normal again. As normal as it can ever be again.

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