Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The results are in.............

Deuce's biopsy results are in. The results are............................


We know it's not cancer, scar tissue or an infection. It's also not normal tissue. No idea what it might actually be. Dr. Rick has advised me to keep an eye on it and that's about it! Give him some benadryl if his left nostril swells up again.

Deuce is unbothered by it so I guess I will try to be too! Deuce is a happy, silly, active doofus. As long as he stays that way, no more tests.

Also, his drains came out yesterday. He is healing nicely. He spent today in the pen with Raven and had no problems. He does believe that he should always sleep in the porch now. A dog house is just not good enough! So he's back in the porch for tonight! Silly dog.

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