Saturday, June 11, 2005

Happy Anniversary Mac & Ozzy!

Today marks one year since Mac and Ozzy joined the pack. What changes these two little loves have been through in a short year. They were two weeks shy of their first birthday when they arrived. They'd spent most of their puppyhood in the shelter. Mac laid in the back of his kennel and shook all day. He only stopped when he was with Ozzy. Ozzy had huge cysts on his front elbows from trying to become one with floor in his kennel. They were wasting away in that place, fear slowly killing them.

They had parvo as puppies and the shelter staff had been told their hearts were damaged. They could never be sled dogs. I told the administrator that we would take them, but if they wanted to run, they were going to be sled dogs. Better they die in harness as happy, loved dogs than living short lives full of fear in the shelter.

So here they came. Both of them leapt in my truck like they knew they were getting out. I put them in a big pen and for the next two weeks I don't believe they slept. They ran and ran and ran. If they rested I never saw it! I couldn't get near them. They were so timid. Ozzy took about two weeks to start to warm up to me. If I sat quietly in his pen he would approach and let me pet him, especially if I had food. Man, can they eat!!! Mac took months longer to relax.

Ozzy enjoying his first bone!

Mac chowing down.

Today, Ozzy follows me around the yard and tries to match his stride to mine so he can keep his head on my thigh. He is a big suck and can't get enough attention. He is one of the great loves of my life. I adore that silly, little dog!

Mac has almost driven me to the bottle a couple times. He has never met a fence he can't go over, under or through. He gives new meaning to the term escape artist. We spent last weekend rebuilding a section of fence that he went out through most often. Yesterday he was released into the main yard and so far so good. He is much happier when he can be Ozzy.

Their little hearts are just fine. They play, wrestle and run just like any young husky cross should. They are full of energy and provide us with hours of entertainment as they play. They have grown into tall, leggy, well-muscled dogs. They are both fine sled dogs. Ozzy is a great puller, strong and dependable, an honest dog. Just don't ask him to make decisions. He is a follower, not a leader. Mac is driven, hardworking and smart in harness. He's not sure what to do up front, but he wants to be there. I am hoping over the next few months, Paxil will help me train him for next winter.

Happy Anniversary boys! I'm glad you're here!

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