Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Happy Anniversary Chase!

Today marks 2 years since Chase joined this zoo! That afternoon I had to carry and drag him out of the shelter. He knew it wasn't his turn to go for a walk and there was no way he was leaving his kennel. The shelter was the only home he'd ever known. How sad is that??

Chase essentially grew up in the shelter and it did funny things to his little brain. He's as sweet as sugar, an absolute doll, but he's got some loose screws. It just adds to his charm!

He's our big doofus and the love of Goldie's life. They are a funny looking couple--she's short and a wee bit fat. He's long, lean and built to run! If you've ever doubted that dogs feel emotion for each other, you should meet these two. They very clearly adore each other.

Someone on pet board I visit made this blinkie for Chase's day. Cool, eh???

Happy Anniversary Chase! I hope you're glad you got in the truck that day, even if you did need some serious persuading! I'm glad you're here.

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