Saturday, June 25, 2005


The forest is alive with color right now. There are wildflowers everywhere!

The crocus are my favorite. They are all gone now, but we had a ton of them until a couple weeks ago.

This was the only white crocus I saw this year.

I don't know what these little purple ones are called, but they are very pretty. They grow low to the ground and line the edge of one of the trails I walk on.

The forest floor is almost blue with Lupine in some places. Earle loves to eat these flowers. Unfortunately, they are mildly toxic! Makes for colorful puke!

Even kinniniknick is kinda pretty! This stuff is everywhere! I laughed myself silly at one of the greenhouses the other day--they were selling starter plants! Must be for newcomers who don't realize it's everywhere. In a couple summers, they will be ripping up their yards trying to get rid of it! It takes over and provides excellent ground cover!

The wild roses are out now too!

Daisy, my neighbor's dog, knows it is very important to take time to smell the roses!

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