Monday, June 27, 2005

Happy Gotcha Day Twicket!

Hard to believe two years have already passed since Twicket joined our family! What did we ever do without him? Who purred me to sleep at night?

Twicket is a purring machine, full of love, sweetness and snuggles! I still can't comprehend how someone could have dumped him! How do you love and care for an animal for over 13 years and then leave him at a shelter?

Twicket is among the sweetest critters ever. He has some issues at times, like not using the litterbox, but that usually means he's sick and a quick trip to the vet clears that right up! He peed on my head in the middle of the night twice in the first two weeks we had him, but I'm pretty sure that was just his way of claiming his new momma! It hasn't happened since! Thank Goodness--that is not a pleasant way to wake up.

This was taken earlier tonight. My sock basket is Twicket's favorite place to nap and he will not come out so I can get a nicer picture of him!

Happy Gotcha Day, Twicks! Honeysuckle and Catnip for everyone!! :)


Kitty Purrington said...

Awwwwwww, cuuuute boy! He sounds just like my type of cat, purring and loving! (I have two of those myself, of course). Meows and purrs and pets to him from me.

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