Thursday, June 09, 2005

Deuce is hurt!!

II've been having minor panic attacks since Dominique died. Sometimes I can't convince myself that the cats are alright. This happened this morning at about 11. So I took my lunch break early and came home to check on everyone. Cats are all fine, but Deuce didn't come to the fence when I went to his pen. When I called him he came hopping over, one back leg several inches off the ground. There is a nasty tear on the inside of the leg near his ankle. Looks like a couple other punctures too--I didn't look too closely actually after I saw the first one. The big tear is beyond what I can treat here so I just loaded him up and took him to the vet.

He'll likely be able to come home this evening. I am setting up the doggy hospital for him to recover in.

If the vet has time they are also going to do a biopsy on a lump he has on his nose. He's had it since he showed up at the shelter. I've tried 10 days of anti-biotics and a week of allergy meds. Neither made any difference. Now the skin on his nose is cracked and his left nostril is very swollen. He was supposed to have the biopsy next week, but Rick said if he could he'd do it today. That way Deuce only has to be knocked out once.

Deuce was so sweet on the way to town. He stayed as close to me as he could. I think he knew I was going to help him. I've been telling myself that I'm not that attached to him, but I'm a liar. It was heartbreaking to see him so needy and in pain today.

Ooops, I was wrong. Deuce was not alert enough to come home tonight. He'll be sleeping at the clinic and I'll pick up asap tomorrow! Don't know if they did the biopsy.

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