Friday, June 24, 2005

To the vet again!

I am so sick of the vet. I love my vet. He's a doll and gives my animals amazing care, but frankly I have seen more than enough of Rick lately! This afternoon at about 3, I walked into my office to find a message from my father-in-law---"I have that white dog, Chase, in the shop. He's pretty beat up and limping". Let's ignore the fact that Bud still can't tell Pacer from Chase and be thankful he was at the house this afternoon! I went straight home and as soon as I saw him, Pacer went straight to the vet.

Pacer doesn't have any major wounds, but he is covered in little punctures. The poor sweetie! Antare and Delta were the main dogs picking on him, according to Bud. Pair of little jerks!! Antare thinks he's a tough guy, but he's selective about who he picks on. He'd never snap at Muskwa or Heyoka! Pacer obviously didn't fight back at all. His wounds are concentrated on his back end and no one else has a single mark on them! Pacer didn't need stitches, but he has staples in two spots. He looks AWFUL!! He has little shaved spots everywhere and the blood looks even worse than usual on a solid white dog. I'd post a picture, but it might be a little distrubing! He's on Metacam and anti-biotics for a week.

I hate it when they pick on Pacer. He's such a nice little guy and has made such strides in overcoming his terror of life in general. He doesn't seem to be regressed at all after this. He came with me to the vet without a struggle. Boy, did he fight the sedative at the clinic. No way was he going to lay down and relax around all those strangers. I ended up staying and assisting in cleaning him up. Every time I tried to leave, Pacer had a little panic attack and would try to get up and come with me. So I stayed and held his head while the pros took care of him. I should have been a vet tech, could have saved myself alot of money!

Pacer is curled up in the coat closet--which has become something of a doggy den. He's sleeping of the dope the vet gave him. The other dogs who were loose at the time are all on punishment status. They can stay chained up or in pens for the next couple days. Delta is in with Goldie and Antare has been sent back to Raven's pen. I am mad at all of them!

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