Saturday, June 25, 2005

Pacer update

Pacer is doing much better today. He's much more alert--all the dope the vet gave him finally wore off. I give him painkiller, Metacam, later in the day. He's not acting like it hurts, but it has to be sore! He went outside a few times today, but not for too long. He won't pee on a leash, so I have to let him loose when he goes out. He's a little nervous when the other dogs get too close, but not bad. Course, Delta and Antare are both in pens and will be staying there for some time. Little buttheads!

Here's Pacer this afternoon, eating a pig's ear. He's eating well and has had lots of treats today. I figured I could post this pic as it only shows a couple of his wounds. His other side has more damage. Fortunately, none of them are very deep or too serious. He should heal up just fine!

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