Saturday, August 30, 2008

A break in the clouds....

Even the dogs are enjoying the break from the rain!

Tehya catching some rays this afternoon! She's a shameless little thing!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hanging out with the nieces...

One of the many things that have distracted me from posting lately:

A visit from my nieces, my Dad, my sister and her honey.

We played tourist for a few days. The older girls have been here before, but this was Emma's first trip North.

We checked out the Yukon Suspension Bridge

Spent an afternoon in Skagway, where we saw some seals and a few salmon. And a seal eating a salmon, which amused five year old Emma to no end!

We went to the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, which was very cool. This Stone Sheep was just taking a break near his water.

Emma indulged in some snowman poop, which the rest of the world calls marshmellows! Could you resist that little face!? She decided that Auntie T isn't so bad after all during this visit and was a most cooperative little model!

The dogs were in heaven with so many extra hands to pet them! Naomi was a particular favorite of all the dogs!

Emma believes you should pet a dog "so he can feel it". Her doggy massages were throughly enjoyed! The cats enjoyed her willingness to share her food right off her plate--her mother was not so impressed with that!

Hopefully, it won't be another six years before they make the trek north!