Saturday, December 10, 2011

Just a plain brown tabby

Just a plain brown tabby,
That's probably what most people saw looking at Sophia.
I saw the cat against which all others will be measured for the rest of my life; my most favourite little purring being. 
She was sweet, snuggly and sick.  Sophia was never 100% healthy in the almost five years we shared.  She was an older cat long before she got here.  She arrived with massive dental problems which eventually lead to the loss of almost all her teeth. 
She bossed me around every chance she got; demanded canned food multiple times per day, despite the fact that she could chew just fine!

Sophia was not a lap cat; she was a face cat.  When I first pulled her out of a cage in the shelter, she nuzzled into my neck purring her head off.  Her mission, when she was not demanding food, was to be as close to my face as she could get.  I often awoke with my nose full of cat fur and convinced I was being smothered! 
Sophia passed away in the wee hours of Friday morning; she died in her favourite spot, curled up on my shoulder with her little tabby face pressed against my cheek.  Her tiny body could no longer win its multiple battles. 

I will miss you, my little purring scarf.