Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Happy birthday Glacier

So much to post today!!! Today is Glacier's 7th birthday! When he arrived, he was 7 weeks old and my only pet. We lived alone in a condo in the middle of Calgary--how things have changed in his short life. Glacier has been most gracious about the all the critters who followed him. He accepts everyone with open paws!

He'll snuggle with anyone, but...

he loves Pete best. They are never far apart and can usually be found in the same chair curled up like one big ball of fur!

Happy Birthday, my beautiful boy. I love you to bits!

Catnip and treats all around!

Happy dogs and a big day for Pacer

The dogs are very happy to have me home--not that they missed me, but because I take them for walks. Stuart just doesn't do that sort of thing very often!

Chum, Paxil, Hobo and Ozzy couldn't wait to get started on their run yesterday. They were a bunch of lunatics.

Paxil is one happy dog! She's always happy, but she perks up even more when she gets to go off-leash.

Even Daisy was happy to see me--since her own owner doesn't bother to walk her, she tags along with us!

Later in the afternoon I decided to take Pacer for a walk. Sleet decided she would like to go too. Since Sleet has infalliable recall, I let Pacer go OFF-LEASH!! The timid one has not been loose outside of the fence since he set himself free a few hours after his arrival here in November 2003. This was a big step for him!

Good dogs get lots of extra treats!

RUN, Pacer, Run!!!
He is most definately not a water dog! He wouldn't even get a drink at the lake. He did get his front paws wet while trying to drink out of a puddle, but that was it. Not a chance that he was going swimming.

Back home, waiting for a final treat. This is the best picture I've ever taken of Pacer. He usually turns away from the camera, but he was feeling pretty confident after his big adventure. I simply adore the little ghost dog!

I'm back!!

No updates in a long while as I have been away. I went back to Saskatchewan to see my family--my parents, sister and her family and my grandmother. It's good to go back once in awhile and remind myself of why I don't live there anymore--like temperatures that reach 42 celisius with the humidity. Give me -30C with a windchill anyday over that silliness! Oh, and I get my kid fix. Hanging out with my sister's kids reminds me of why I have critters. I adore her kids and they are really good kids, but you just can't kick them outside when they get whiney and ignore them til it stops! ;)

Cute, aren't they!?

Stuart survived taking care of the dogs for 10 days and the dogs survived with no major trauma. He once again let Kayleigh loose in the yard and she picked on Delta--my super-shy boy. Delta seems to have won the fight though as Kayleigh has a pretty good nick about ehr eye. Drives me nuts that Stuart insists on letting Kayleigh into the main yard. She'd be fine if all the other dogs were somewhere else. He just can't seem to understand that her unpredictable dog aggression is not something she will ever get over!!! It's part of her temperment and just the way it is and will always be for her. She's a great dog, but she's not meant to be a pack dog!

The cats were not impressed with their daddy! He decided to rip out all the carpet in the room their food and litterboxes are in. It had to be done--gross doesn't begin to describe the carpet--but they were literally pissed off! Not a good thing! Kinda glad I missed that actually! The floor is much nicer now and the boxes are back where they belong. The cats are much happier now!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Silly Deuce!

Deuce went back to the vet yesterday to get the last of his stitches removed. He just won't cooperate with me. He was happy as could be to gofor a truck ride, greeted the clinic staff with woos and gave kisses to hisfavorite vet tech, Brandy. Perfectly cooperative with her. Took her abouta minute to get the stitches out! While we were waiting for Brandy, Deuce decided to explore the exam room. From a standstill, he leapt on to the top of the counter and started trying to open the cupboard doors. I wish I'dtaken my camera with me!! The few times I've had to put an animal up there for an exam, it's always been a huge production, but Deuce thought it was fun! Maybe he should go into agility!

Deuce did very well at the clinic. He was nice to a chocolate lab and didn't try to eat the poodle! He has a healthy prey drive and is not allowed near the cats. I assumed he would be the same way with small dogs.He didn't even seem to realize that thing was a dog. He just gave it a very confused look! Course, the poodle was being carried by his owner and was quite groggy. The reaction might have been quite different if the dog had been alert, yappy and on the floor!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Big hole!!

There is a huge hole in our side yard!

Yup, it's a big one! It will someday be a pond. It took a couple years for Stuart to get the hole dug, so who knows when it will actually have water in it! He still has to line it and get the pumps set up! Since he's building it to provide some fire protection, it will hopefully have water in it before a forest fire comes through here. It's pretty wet so far this summer. The fire season has been quiet and it will likely stay that way.

The dogs think it's a great new place to play! Silly mutts!!

Fresh dirt is best for digging!