Wednesday, October 15, 2008

That's my boy!

I don't understand how the most relaxed dog in the pack can possibly have anxiety issues, but it certainly seems that Earle does! He is the most laid back dog I have. I have often said that my life would be much more simple and my vet bills much lower if all my dogs were like Earle. He's sweet; he's gentle; he likes kids; he likes adults; he likes other dogs; he doesn't eat cats; he doesn't try to escape; unlike 99% of huskies, he comes when he's called! He's easy! He's my special boy and apparently he's neurotic! So neurotic that even the t-shirt isn't enough to control his obsessive licking. So neurotic he actually needs meds to control his anxiety!

But a week ago, his vet, the lovely Dr. Candace, put him on anti-anxiety medication and almost immediately I had my sweet, special boy back!

I was warned that he would be very lethargic for the first ten days or so. I haven't seen any sign of that. He is pretty lazy to most of the time anyway---a sled dog Earle never was, well, not a good one anyway!! He had a great time on our hike a few days ago. The White Pass tracks are fun!

Friday, October 10, 2008

More Wildlife in the yard....

Earlier this week a friend gave me some caribou scraps, mostly rib bones.

Eagles apparently like 'bou as much as huskies!

This one was quite fascinated with Tehya's rib snacks, but did not attempt to steal them from her. Unlike the 100 or so Ravens who were in the yard at the same time! They like to harass the dogs to no end, which occasionally does not go so well for them! There were a few dozen magpies and grey jays around too. This yard is popular with our feathered friends, especially around feeding time!

An Eagle is a new visitor to the yard. I see them frequently when I'm kayaking, but never right in the yard before. He was beautiful, if a little unnerving. I closed the kitty enclosure until he moved on. One of the big fat cats would be no match for an eagle, little Felicia would just be a snack! Yikes!! Listening to her mew her protests at the closed window was a small price to pay for her safety!

PS: Readers who like these pics should thank my Mom who was none to subtle in pointing out that I had neglected to post them! ;)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Earle the stylish husky!

Earle has been modelling the latest in husky fashion for the last couple weeks. I'm not telling him that the shirt is vet ordered!

Earle has a history of obsessive licking, giving himself sores, usually on his front legs. Recently he decided to chew on his hips and sides. He has some nasty hotspots now.

The t-shirt keeps him from doing any further damage. It was supposed to be a temporary thing, just long enough to let the sores heal and break his licking habit.
Unfortunately, as soon as I take the shirt off him, the licking starts again!

Fortunately, Earle likes his new wardrobe! In his shirt, he is his happy, sweet, relaxed self. Maybe he'll start new trend among sled dogs!