Thursday, July 01, 2010


It's of yesterday, I have one dog who is not offically classed as a senior and 23 who are officially old!

Yesterday, my pair of brothers, Mac & Ozzy, turned 7. They still act like yearlings but according to the charts at the vet clinic, they are senior canine citizens now! They've come a long way from the terrified pair who arrived here 6 years ago. From dogs I could not touch, full of fear and in a chronic state of anxiety, with supposed heart issues that would prevent them from running.

To house dogs who enjoy a good cuddle; official greeter dog at the gate(Mac); my early warning system that something or someone is approaching(Ozzy); with hundreds of miles in harness under their paws. Survivors with resilient spirits and bodies.

Happy birthday, boys. I hope it will be a long while before you two start playing the "but I'm old" routine! Just ignore Hobo, he has nothing left to teach you, especially about how to get away with spending all day inside!