Monday, January 26, 2009


Grateful for so many things today...

Like the return of winter and an afternoon off to enjoy it with the dogs!

The trails were in great shape today with more fluffy snow falling as we ran. I love the new drag mat system my hubby installed on the sled while it was too warm to use it! No more getting slowed down by fluffy snow building up! The dogs seemed to enjoy that too!

I am grateful that Reggae decided to cooperate today, that the wound on his head is healing and that's he's got some trail sense, on top of his command responses. The warm weather last week played havoc with the ice on the lake. There are some slushy, watery spots. There's probably three feet of solid ice underneath those spots, but they still aren't fun to run through. Just the appearance of open water is a bit scary and wet paws are never fun when it's -20C. I thought Reggae was just goofing around and setting his own trail on the lake, but it turned out that every time he weaved he was taking us around a slushy spot, often before I even noticed it! Good Reggae!

I'm glad we made it home with no major difficulties, especially since no one else was home this afternoon to assist if there had been a disaster!

I am also eternally grateful to whoever plowed the "road" section of the trail. (I actually know who it was, but I'm not sure they want their names in cyber-space!) There is a "Y" in the section goes to the TransCanada Trail, the tracked ski trail, Wolf Creek ect. The other direction goes to the lake and is the trail I use almost every day. Every year some idiot decides to take his 4x4 down that section, usually getting stuck and always ruining the trail for everyone else. It makes it dangerous for dog teams, hard to walk on, no fun to skidoo on and impossible to skijor or ski on! This year, the snow has been piled in such a way that it's almost impossible to get a vehicle down there! It was a big bump on the sled and would probably be a lot of fun on a snowmachine, but I think the trail wrecking morons will have to go elsewhere this year. Wooo hooo!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Before and After

Pirate one year ago today, just a few hours after I brought her home.

Pirate a few days ago. The transition to house dog was an easy one for her!

Pirate enjoying the warm spell this past Monday. Only the senior dogs really enjoyed that weather!

She takes a small handful of drugs every day, but they keep her comfortable and dry. She's deaf as post and doesn't see too well either. She's a good girl, sweet, gentle and happy. She probably won't be here much longer, but I thought that a year ago too! She may be fading, but her spirit is still strong!

Happy Gotcha Day, ol' girl!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

This sucks!!

This weather sucks!!

Spring is my least favorite season, even when it arrives when it's supposed to. I hate much more when it shows up in January!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Breaking trail...

After three weeks of not running due to the cold...-30 is my cut-off, colder than that we stay home, we finally got out yesterday.

Untracked snow is beautiful, but it's alot of work! Trail breaking is tiring!

There had been a snowmobile out on the lake so that section was a bit easier on both me and the dogs. Contrary to popular belief, there is very little standing on the runners letting the dogs do all the work involved in mushing, especially when breaking a trail!

All that fluffy, yet heavy snow, did make for a chance to get a picture of the team from the front. I flipped the sled on it's side...the dogs have been have been known to do that and drag me, but this time I did it on purpose. It was a little added reassurance that they wouldn't leave me behind!

Reggae and Anvik were happy lead dogs! Happy to get out and about again!

After weeks of cold, the weather forecast is for unseasonably warm temps this week, maybe even rain! I'll take more -30C over rain!! That's just gonna suck if it happens!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Did she say "outside"?

Call us in a few days when it's really warm(unless the weather network is lying again)! Til then we'll stay on the couch. You can have the chair ok, human?

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Spoiled critters!

The critters got a bit spoiled this holiday season. The dogs will never want plain ol' Milk Bones again after all the gourmet dog biscuits!

Reggae enjoyed his rawhide candy cane.

Boots is particularly fond of the dangly glitter toys that Grandma Carol sent!

And the tunnel from Auntie Lise is a huge hit!

Pingo especially enjoyed the fancy tennis balls!

We hope you all had a happy holiday as well and wish you a happy, healthy 2009!