Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Babydog...

Tehya the Babydog is all grown up, at least chronologically. She's two! She's still all puppy in her behavior though! She's currently racing around the yard like a lunatic!

I did capture a rare moment of stillness yesterday! Sharing the couch with Boots. The stillness could have had something to do with a mysterious sore back leg which appears to be all better today!

She's a pretty girl who makes sure there is never a dull moment around here!

Happy Birthday, my special babydog girl!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Warm kitties...

It has been suggested that I should post some pics of the kitties. They do get a bit overlooked on the blog! Probably because, at least of late, they haven't provided nearly as much blogging fodder as the dogs!

Glacier and Pete having a snuggle--that's what they do!

The cats are very happy that it's woodstove season again!

Paxil's concrete dog bowl sits by the stove and holds heat nicely. It's also a perfect fit for Ivy. Matches her fur nicely too!

Glacier might be a getting a bit too close. Singed cat fur smells nasty!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Pacer

Pacer has come a long way from that terrified dog who first came to live here!

He's a pretty happy boy these days!

He can even levitate!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

When did that happen...

Sometime while I wasn't looking, Paxil got old. How did I miss that!??

I took her for a walk tonight with Tehya. Probably not a great mix, but there is so much I'd like Tehya to learn from Paxil. We went maybe four kilometres. That was probably as far as she could go. Tehya knocked her over twice acting like, well, a young dog! I called her a hooligan, but she was really just being Tehya! Getting up the big hill on the way home took two tries. There's no way she'd get up that hill leading a team.

In her prime and well beyond, she was the best damn lead dog ever---unfailing, strong, smarter than her musher, always reliable and willing. The first dog team I ever ran was lead by Paxil. Last winter her tug line wasn't always tight and she had slowed down, but she still wanted to go and she never missed a command, unless I was dead wrong and told her to "gee" when she knew I meant "haw". I suspect she will still want to go this winter(this fall even when I get brakes on the quad again!). She will be seriously ticked when I leave her in the yard! I'm gonna hear all about how much she hates retirement, so will everyone in the subdivision!

I will hate her retirement almost as much as she does! Her lead dog booties will be hard to fill!