Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Last week I was served with a notice to appear in court, to testify against the person(and I use the word loosely) who dragged Nytron behind her car. Today I got a call saying she had changed her plea to guilty. Must have sobered up in the last few days or couldn't find a lawyer willing to take a clear no-win case! Unfortunately, the punishment is merely a fine, not even close to what she deserves, but at least it's something. Since animals clearly mean nothing to her, money probably does! Hopefully the hit to the chequebook will stop her from getting any more animals.

The most important thing is Nytron is safe, well-loved and in place where he will never have to worry about being abused again! His biggest worry now is finding someone to throw his tennis ball, all day, every day!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sleet's annual trip to the vet...

Almost a year to the day since her last vet appointment, Sleet went back for her 'roid shot. Her allergies have gone nuts again. Sure wish I knew what she is allergic to. Depro-merdol is working it's magic again though and she's already slowed down on the scratching and seems happier.

Even got some good news today. Her left canine cruciate ligament, which I thought was blown out, is intact. She's got the usual athritis that comes with being a 13 year old dog. (86 in human years according the vet's chart). Overall, she's doing alright though. Heart, lungs, all the important organs still appear to be working properly. She's still boss of the younger dogs, eats well, plays a bit and still wants to come on walks, much shorter than the 50km a day she used to run, but she still looks forward to her outings! I still hear about it if she gets left behind too often.

Vet prescribed Cosequin for her athritis. I almost choked at the price, but if it keeps my sweetie comfortable and happy longer, it's worth every dime.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Don't recommend this...

Off-leash is not a recommended way to exercise huskies. More often than not they will head for the tundra as fast as their legs can go, without regard for where they are or how to get back to where they belong. Several of my dogs are crossed with enough non-wandering breeds that they actually can be allowed off-leash. Usually this occurs in small groups of 3 dogs(plus Daisy the neighbor's mutt). Yesterday I took five--Pacer, Earle, Hobo, Sleet, and Paxil.

See four dogs in this picture?? That is the main problem with taking more than three. I spend a lot of time going "Where the *&&^%$#%%^% is Earle??"(name can be interchangeable with any others along for the walk)

I also spend alot of time looking at husky butts as they run away from me!

But I did make it home without incident and all five dogs accounted for!

Friday, August 18, 2006

I'm back....

I spent the last week visiting these three cuties:

My nieces, Hannah, Emma and Naomi. Well, I also saw my parents, my brothers, my other nieces and nephews and my sis, but these three consumed most of my time. They are busy little girls! Can't turn your back on little Emma for a second. She's a better escape artist than my huskies!

Came home to one injured dog. Founder crashed into something and tore his face open. He looks pathetic, but he should heal up just fine. Poor scarred up Founder! His previous life had already left a few scars, physically and emotionally. Then last winter, he had a wee altercation with Mac that resulted in a missing ear tip! Now he'll have a new scar under his eye! Fortunately, dogs don't care so much about their physical appearance. Founder is still a big goofball. 95 pounds of goofball according to the vet bill.

Beau had to go back to the vet as soon as I got back. He was due for repeat bloodwork. The results are pretty good! His thyroid levels are dropping, his liver function appears to be returning to normal and his kidneys are about the same. Hyperthyroidism in cats often masks serious kidney problems, but it appears that Beau has pretty good kidney function for an ancient cat! :) He's eating like little piggy and has regained half a pound! I've been following a "whatever he'll eat" diet plan with him! No prescription diets or low protien food. Beau's personal favorite food is Fancy Feast Whitefish and Tuna. Since it seems to be working, he'll keep getting it!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

August 8, 2005

Twicket held my heart in his little white paws from the first moment I saw him.

A year after his death, he still does.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Hiking with Heyoka

Sunday morning we headed out with a friend to the Empress of India copper mine site, operational almost 100 years ago, abandoned and reclaimed by nature over time.

The open shafts are still visible in a few places and more are buried in the area. The men who went down there were some combination of brave and crazy! Just peeking in the opening freaked me out! We stuck to rummaging through the tailing piles. The miners were looking for copper and copper only. They threw all sorts of other interesting rocks into the piles without a second glance! The amount one can carry out is limited by the seriously steep climb back up the main trail! Straight up hill! It's not far, but it is hard work. Those miners were not only brave and crazy, but they must have been in dang good shape!

It's a truly beautiful area. That's not paint on that rock face, that's really the color of the rock.

Heyoka came along for the day. He's turning into a very good hiking companion. He's supposed to learn to be a pack dog, but I'm afraid that's unlikely. The malamute gene for work ethic completely skipped Heyoka. I gave his triple extra large harness away last winter. There was just no point in keeping it here!

This pretty girl and her owner came along too--showed us the way actually! This is Kira. A couple years ago, Kira lived here as a foster dog. Back then she was skittish, skin and bones, and had seperation anxiety. Today, she is happy, in great shape and generally a well adjusted canine! Kira picked her adoptive owner, made it very clear that she was going to live with him and she obviously made the right choice. It's so nice when things work out!