Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A late introduction....

She's been here for a couple weeks, but she hasn't been formally introduced on the blog yet:

Please say hello to Princess!
Princess is an 18th month old husky mix. Right now she's here on an extended play date. Her actual owner, who truly does care about her, is ill and just can't take care of her. How long Princess stays will depend on his health....

Tehya would like her to stay forever! They have become fast friends who spend all day running and wrassling!

Princess is ridiculously small! She tops out at about 25 pounds! She's a pint sized husky!

But she plays like a big dog!

She's alot of fun, full of joy and energy! Tehya is enjoying having another young dog to play with and I suspect Anvik is enjoying the break from being Tehya's chew toy!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

When will winter be back.....

Oh, how I hate summer. Bugs, hot huskies, allergies.....if it's green, has leaves or drops pollen, I am probably allergic to it. This week has been unnaturally warm for this area, leading to more forest fires, which in turn, lead to this.

Somewhere under that haze of forest fire smoke are the beautiful mountains I usually get to look at on my drive home.

There is not enough Reactine on the planet to counteract my allergic reaction to that smoke!

I'd so much rather deal with the ice fog that occurs in extreme cold!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Woohoooo Grey Cup Bound....

My team might not be there, although I like to believe that their rather pathetic season opener was not a sign of things to come. In any case I will be there! November 29, 2009, 4pm MST, McMahon Stadium....with my DAD!! How awesome is that???!!!

Check out all the Grey Cup fun here!

Thanks to my awesome hubby, who bought the tickets and my airfare(my birthday and christmas presents until the end of time I am sure!) and who is staying home to take care of the furries so I can spend a few days with my Dad! He rocks! Actually both my hubby and my Dad rock! My life is richly blessed with good ones!