Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just what every sled dog needs...

A chair!
Anvik rarely gets on the furniture in the house, prefering the comforts of his crate when indoors, but he makes good use of the old recliner in the yard.
Pacer is both a bed and chair hog, indoors and out! Here he is enjoying an armchair in the yard! Pacer would never survive in a real dog yard...he loves to pull, but no way is he sleeping outside!
Hobo has recently decided to play the "I'm old" card. He is old, 13 actually, but he rarely acts his age. He's one of those dogs who is never going to truly mature. He has mellowed a tiny bit with age and now thinks if someone is home, he should be allowed to be in the house with them! His new favorite spot, my recliner! Age has it's privileges!