Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Boots is Back!

It took multiple visits to the vet, a few house calls from her, several after hours emergency calls,  a couple surgeries, a feeding tube, and a couple weeks of round the clock feeding sessions. 
It was exhausting.
It was completely worth it!
Boots has made a full recovery from his injuries.  He's back to being his former snuggly, purring, headbonking, mouse killing self.  He eats on his own; more canned food now than kibble, but he eats!
The only reminders of the damage are one slightly squinty eye and a few broken whiskers from our feeding sessions.

Oh, and slightly more spoiled cat...I offered Boots a veritable smorg of kitty treats and food trying to get him to eat.  He now believes he should get Temptations treats multiple times a day and squishy food should be delivered to him wherever he may be!
I am a good cat slave so his demands rarely go unanswered.