Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Don't recommend this...

Off-leash is not a recommended way to exercise huskies. More often than not they will head for the tundra as fast as their legs can go, without regard for where they are or how to get back to where they belong. Several of my dogs are crossed with enough non-wandering breeds that they actually can be allowed off-leash. Usually this occurs in small groups of 3 dogs(plus Daisy the neighbor's mutt). Yesterday I took five--Pacer, Earle, Hobo, Sleet, and Paxil.

See four dogs in this picture?? That is the main problem with taking more than three. I spend a lot of time going "Where the *&&^%$#%%^% is Earle??"(name can be interchangeable with any others along for the walk)

I also spend alot of time looking at husky butts as they run away from me!

But I did make it home without incident and all five dogs accounted for!

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PJ said...

Well, those are some cute butts for sure..:)