Monday, August 07, 2006

Hiking with Heyoka

Sunday morning we headed out with a friend to the Empress of India copper mine site, operational almost 100 years ago, abandoned and reclaimed by nature over time.

The open shafts are still visible in a few places and more are buried in the area. The men who went down there were some combination of brave and crazy! Just peeking in the opening freaked me out! We stuck to rummaging through the tailing piles. The miners were looking for copper and copper only. They threw all sorts of other interesting rocks into the piles without a second glance! The amount one can carry out is limited by the seriously steep climb back up the main trail! Straight up hill! It's not far, but it is hard work. Those miners were not only brave and crazy, but they must have been in dang good shape!

It's a truly beautiful area. That's not paint on that rock face, that's really the color of the rock.

Heyoka came along for the day. He's turning into a very good hiking companion. He's supposed to learn to be a pack dog, but I'm afraid that's unlikely. The malamute gene for work ethic completely skipped Heyoka. I gave his triple extra large harness away last winter. There was just no point in keeping it here!

This pretty girl and her owner came along too--showed us the way actually! This is Kira. A couple years ago, Kira lived here as a foster dog. Back then she was skittish, skin and bones, and had seperation anxiety. Today, she is happy, in great shape and generally a well adjusted canine! Kira picked her adoptive owner, made it very clear that she was going to live with him and she obviously made the right choice. It's so nice when things work out!

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