Friday, October 10, 2008

More Wildlife in the yard....

Earlier this week a friend gave me some caribou scraps, mostly rib bones.

Eagles apparently like 'bou as much as huskies!

This one was quite fascinated with Tehya's rib snacks, but did not attempt to steal them from her. Unlike the 100 or so Ravens who were in the yard at the same time! They like to harass the dogs to no end, which occasionally does not go so well for them! There were a few dozen magpies and grey jays around too. This yard is popular with our feathered friends, especially around feeding time!

An Eagle is a new visitor to the yard. I see them frequently when I'm kayaking, but never right in the yard before. He was beautiful, if a little unnerving. I closed the kitty enclosure until he moved on. One of the big fat cats would be no match for an eagle, little Felicia would just be a snack! Yikes!! Listening to her mew her protests at the closed window was a small price to pay for her safety!

PS: Readers who like these pics should thank my Mom who was none to subtle in pointing out that I had neglected to post them! ;)


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...


Woo were in charge of khopy, she had the pikhs!

What a beaWOOtiful bird. Mom has seen them at Khousin Merdie's house but not khwite THAT khlose!


Unknown said...

Wow these are so cool! What an awesome bird, and in your BACKYARD? Incredible. I would would have been scared! We have egrets and green parrots and turkey vultures. Nothing as awe-inspiring as your eagle.

Phred said...

We can't have too many Eagle pix -
especially GREAT Eagle pix!

Has he left DawgTown, or still looking for an unattended 'bou bone?

Rune said...

Hi TamaraLyn

I used to stay in the Highlands of Scotland and we used to get Golden Eagles in the trees out back.

Not as close as your friend there, he's pretty impressive.


Anonymous said...

These are great pics, I really enjoyed them