Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Silly Deuce!

Deuce went back to the vet yesterday to get the last of his stitches removed. He just won't cooperate with me. He was happy as could be to gofor a truck ride, greeted the clinic staff with woos and gave kisses to hisfavorite vet tech, Brandy. Perfectly cooperative with her. Took her abouta minute to get the stitches out! While we were waiting for Brandy, Deuce decided to explore the exam room. From a standstill, he leapt on to the top of the counter and started trying to open the cupboard doors. I wish I'dtaken my camera with me!! The few times I've had to put an animal up there for an exam, it's always been a huge production, but Deuce thought it was fun! Maybe he should go into agility!

Deuce did very well at the clinic. He was nice to a chocolate lab and didn't try to eat the poodle! He has a healthy prey drive and is not allowed near the cats. I assumed he would be the same way with small dogs.He didn't even seem to realize that thing was a dog. He just gave it a very confused look! Course, the poodle was being carried by his owner and was quite groggy. The reaction might have been quite different if the dog had been alert, yappy and on the floor!

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