Thursday, September 08, 2005

Road trip

No dog training lately. When it's been cool enough, I've had to work or haven't been home. When I've been home it's raining! But my parents were here last weekend and we took a road trip to Dawson City, so I still have pics to post. What a beautiful, if rather long, drive!

Five Finger Rapids on the Yukon River.

Dawson from the Top of the World Highway.

Discovery Claim on Bonanza Creek--the original gold strike up here--the one that started the great Rush of 1898.

The Fox Lake Burn of 1998. Beautiful in an eerie, devastated sort of way.

It was fun to go to Dawson and play tourist! I took more pictures than Mom I think! That never happens! Nice to see the parents too, after a couple cancelled visits earlier this year!

This is how my Mom spent her vacation--cleaning dog noseprints off my picture window. Yes, she knows it's a futile effort, but she does it every time she comes to visit. Sometimes, I leave them there just for her!


Anonymous said...

Great pics. Love the beginning autumn colours! Funny pic of your mother washing your windows, LOL!

Carol said...

Well I never expected to see me on your blog...but you know it is my phobia to keep windows clean and your house has such a beautiful view that I hatre having nose prints and slobber in the way. Love ya, mom