Sunday, December 03, 2006

More trailbreaking...

At last we have tons of snow. It's a little fluffy for holding a snow hook, but that's what snub lines and trees are for! It will get packed down soon enough.

This is why I live here!

Just a little side note to the A**hole we passed on his skidoo yesterday. Did it make you feel good to scare my dogs and spray snow all over us? I did call by-law with a description of you and your machine. Don't forget Mary Lake is well within the city limits. My team is properly liscenced and registered with the city. Is your machine? I will keep calling by-law every time I have a problem with you or any of your speed freak friends. Maybe you should take a lesson from your kids. It's always middle age males driving machines who seem to think it's fun to harass my dogs. The 16 year old boy, who one might expect such behavior from, are almost without fail more polite and respectful on the trails than their fathers.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe some jerk (to use polite language) would go out of their way to scare your dogs. we'll i hope at the least, tht you and the dogs got a good run!