Sunday, January 28, 2007

Moonlight Mushing...

Finally a pic that half-assed turned out!

Taken last night as we crossed the lake. It will only get brighter as this week goes on. I love full moons!

I have no idea what Raven was looking at. She was seeing something I certainly couldn't! There has been a moose and two yearling calves in the area lately. Maybe Raven could see them or maybe Raven's just nuts. Her real name is "Crazy Raven" and she earned it!

The little red lights are blinking LED collars on the lead dogs. I'm way too cheap to pay for actual dog collars. Those are actually from the bike supply shop, much cheaper and they work great.

One of my goals for this season was to get more comfortable running in the dark. The trails are deserted; haven't even seen a snowmobile yet this year at night; the dogs seem to enjoy it and there are no loose dogs to worry about. Which means I can take some of the less predictable dogs more often. Franklin is running alone in that picture. I had plans to take six dogs, but Deuce almost broke my wrist in his excitment about getting to run! Once I got him hooked up, I just left!

Behind that sweet face is a pulling maniac! He really is a sweetie. Just has no idea how big he is, how strong he is, how hard his head is(breaks new glasses with ease!). A tired Deuce is a very good dog. Another advantage to running at night--Deuce is tired more often!

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sean said...

Yay for Deucie pics! I love this boy's coloring and haven't heard you mention him lately.