Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another goodbye...

It's starting to feel like all I've done is cry lately.

I took Beau to the vet this morning. He hadn't told me off for days. He was a cranky old bugger and liked to tell me off at the slightest provocation. He also wasn't eating well and had lost some weight. He had precious little to loose in the first place. He had ridiculously long whiskers. In his prime, he must have been huge. But by the time he got to me, age had taken it's toll and he was a skinny, little slip of a cat. Beau arrived here almost exactly a year ago, already elderly, battling kidney failure and hyperthyroidism. We had a mere 53 weeks together. I had hoped to borrow some more time with him.

Beau was an independant soul. He did nothing if it wasn't entirely his idea. I wish he had waited for me. I would have liked to hold his paw, but he decided to take this last journey on his own. Beau had a seizure while at the clinic and could not be saved. His frail body could no longer fight the ravages of age.

I hope your last year was a good one, Beau. Maybe it made up for some of the comforts you missed as a younger kitty. I enjoyed spoiling you. I will miss your demanding yowls, cries for Fancy Feast at 3am, your bossy swats and that big purr. Godspeed, my tabby boy. I didn't know you long, but I will love you forever.


Carol said...

Well, you knew that Beau was winding down and you gave him 53 weeks he wouldn't have had been he left at the shelter. I will miss his loud purr when we were on the phone at night. He has crossed the bridge and once again he is whole and no doubt trying to organize the cat division. So sorry dear. Again my heart breaks for you. MOM

Anonymous said...

Dear Beau ~

Whisper through the Wind to Mom that you're OK up at The Bridge ~
She needs to hear it from you.

You'll be a tuff act to follow; but
it might help iffin you located a Needy Kitten and send him over to the Wandering Spirits Ranch ...

Tell the New Kid to mynd his step inna Yard ... he mite wanna meet Mom out by the front gate.

Take Care, Beau ... we're ALL gonna *MISS* you - a LOT!
{{{Hugs}}} to Tamara and DogDad Stuart

/s/ Phred from Ohio

Anonymous said...

SaraDan will meow at Beau at the bridge and show him around some.

dogsled_stacie said...

Awww, he looks like such a beauty in that photo. So sorry to hear about Beau Tamara... it just sucks losing one of the pack (canine or feline!), and never gets easier, but so worth taking them all on.

Sounds like Beau had you wrapped around his kitty paw - 3am Fancy Feast feedings!!! Good job Beau. :)

Craig said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Beau. He was lucky to have found you and to have spent 53 weeks with a loving family. I'm sure he'll be watching over you and your pack from the bridge.

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

I'm sorry he had to leave.
He knew great love and a kind hand in those few weeks of a little over a year.
Soar high Beautiful Beau. You were loved by many.

Khady Lynn said...

I'm so very sorry for your loss! I lost my 17 year old kitty friend back in March. Mom got him when he was just a kitten, and even brought him all the way to Nebraska from JAPAN! It is always hard to say good-bye. Just know that you will meet again one day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tamara just checking your blog like I usually do, how sad about Beau. He looks so handsome! You gave him probably more love and comfort than he'd ever had in his whole life and he won't forget that. I know it's hard I just lost my 18 year old cat in December and I've never cried more about anything in my life. Her picture sits on my computer desk and shes watching me as I type, I'll never forget her either. I hope you can find some happiness it makes me sad to think you are so sad!

Jack & Moo said...

Peaceful journey, Beau.
Enjoy being healthy again, and look in on your mom so she knows you're alright.
I'm so sorry for yet another loss for you, tamara. Even though you're surrounded by loving furkids, when one leaves, there is still a void. i hope a new wandering spirit finds its way to you soon to fill your heart up again.