Saturday, August 11, 2007

Another new one...

The dogs, actually just Tehya, came up with another new reason to visit the vet on Friday. Tehya sampled some foxtails. Given the sheer number of those damn things around this summer, it's fairly amazing that this has never happened before. She came in the house gagging, trying to eat anything that fit in her mouth, pawing at her face. Outside she frantically ate dirt, grass, and guzzled water. I dropped her off at the clinic on my way to work after a long night of trying to settle her down.

The notes from the vet say "a large number of foxtails" were removed from Tehya's throat, tonsils and tongue. No wonder she was unhappy! She's on a major dose of prednisone for a few days. They got the foxtails all out, but her throat is very inflammed now. The pred will take care of that. Course it also makes her thristy and she peed in the house for the first time in months today!

She's still a little sedate today--for Tehya anyway. Other than that she seems to be wondering what all the fuss was about!

I didn't think she'd grown very much, but she has gained ten pounds since she was spayed in April. She doesn't fit in the big cat cages anymore. She actually got a dog kennel at the clinic!


Phred said...

Tehya, the White Coats are NOT running a Dawggie Day Care! It's nice to know you've grown into a dawggie-sized crate; but if you stay again they're gonna want to put an Engraved Nameplate on "your" door --- that might give Mom a heart flutter.

Good to hear the Weed Eradication Project is progressing - try to stay clear of the Flyin FoxTails!

Now, as an aid to Mom's future Sanity ... could you POSSIBLY agree to play gently and without putting "stuff" into you mouth?
Maybe just act Semi-Goofy for a while.

Be sure to give Mom a *slurrp* or a {{{Hug}}}.

Khady Lynn said...

Poor Tehya! That little sweetie sure doesn't deserve that! I demand lots of treats for her! And lots of hugs and kisses too!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful dog! Shiny coat and unique markings. Wow! Can I take her home?