Sunday, August 26, 2007

Found dog....

Anyone know where this handsome boy might belong?

I picked him up yesterday on the Alaska Highway near the Miles Canyon road. I watched him almost get run over and then he froze in the road. Not the safest place for a dog to hang out! He was quite happy to follow me to my truck! He's been quite happy the whole time he's been here. He's playing with Tehya right now. He's friendly, sweet and has his basic manners down pat. He was quiet all night, only woofs and woos when he sees me coming to visit him. Good with other dogs, neutered, has a collar on, even had a phone number on the collar--no answer, no response to my messages. He has an owner, I'm sure of that. I'm hoping they are just out of town and not ignoring me because they don't want him back......although, I kinda like the nameless little wandering guy.


Phred said...

And this will be # __ ?? *snikker*

Have we started to develop his new German/Husky NAME yet?

Seems strange the owner isn't attempting to contact you; unless s/he doesn't know the dog is loose yet.

Keep minding your Ps & Qs, "StrayPup" ... you've got at least one paw inside a Really GREAT potential HOME!

Carol said...

you are quite right TamaraLyn, this dog is a beauty but I still hope his family is just away and don't know he is missing....I suspect he won't be leaving unless claimed. Love ya, Mom

Khady Lynn said...

I sure hope his family is just away on vacation and doesn't know he is missing. Otherwise, you will have a new family member!! Might want to start thinking of some cool names just in case. I'm sure us sibernetters would love to help with that!!