Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A long, strange night....

In a bizarre series of events, Milo, the handsome wandering dog, has found his way home. Turns out he escaped from a dogsitter who had some trouble retrieving the messages I left at his actual home. We ended up at the ER last night after Stuart tipped a Bobcat while doing some yard work. One of the ER nurses was the dogsitter Milo escaped from! His owner is a local doctor who has actually operated on Stuart before! The dogsitters are very good friends with our neighbors. So I dropped Milo off over there before heading back to the hospital and the nurse picked him up after his shift!

I think Milo enjoyed his stay with us. I'm sure Anvik enjoyed the break from Tehya's chewing! Given all the connections between our world and Milo's, I'm sure Tehya will see her new friend again!

This is what the Bobcat looks like this morning. I won't post a picture of my hubby's head--it's nasty! He's still in the hospital, but might be able to come home this afternoon. He will have a major headache for a long while, but other than a funky scar in his scalp, it doesn't look like he did any permanent damage this time!


Khady Lynn said...

I'm so glad Milo found his home!! Maybe you can arrange playdates for Tehya and Milo in the future!! I'm sure Ankik will like that!

Hope your hubby is feeling better! Glad it wasn't worse by the looks of the bobcat!


Anonymous said...

Happy to know that Milo is home safe and sound.

Too bad about your hubby. Hope he feels better soon.


Carol said...

This is not the way a mother should find out that her son-in-law has once again been playing dangerous games with his big boy toys......hope all will be fine and you had better be calling HOME tonight. Love to you both and glad Milo found his place. Mom

Phred said...

Uhhh-Ohhh ... forgot to call Mom, huh? As I said on PT ... you guys pass notes about lost dogs in some pretty *strange* ways.

Seems kind hard on poor Stuart ---
having to crash the BobCat just to find out where Milo lives. There otta be an easier (less painful) way to pass notes.

Word has it at the hospital that they kicked Mr. Stuart out this afternoon (Tuesday).
Hope things quit *spinning* soon.

{{{Hugs}}} to ya Both!

dogsled_stacie said...

Oh no, poor Stuart! Geez, he's more accident prone than me! Hope he gets better soon.

Good to hear Milo has found his home.

And what are you thinking, telling your mom this via the blog?!?! Haha... I get the same thing. Funnily, I usually do it through the blog when I DON'T want to tell her things! :)