Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Richard...

I miss you every day, but perhaps a bit extra today, on what should have been your 40th birthday. I baked your cookies today, those ridiculous ones you liked best with every kind of candy known to man thrown in. Don't know who's going to eat all of them this year, but I couldn't let your birthday go by without cookies. I bet somewhere on the other side tonight there is one huge wienie roast bonfire party. It is brutally unfair that it's not here. Happy Birthday, my friend.


Khady Lynn said...

I guarantee he is looking down and is happy you are thinking of him and baking him cookies!!

Hugs to you!

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Phred said...

HAPPIE Birthday, Richard!

Tamara ~
Take comfort knowing Richard isn't celebrating alone - he's got all our Rainbow Bridge-Kids to share hot dawgs with and *snuggle* around that Fire in the Sky.

/s/ Phred

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Richard. WHat a sweet message you wrote in his memory! I am sure he is loving the cookies you baked :)

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