Sunday, February 15, 2009

Quest 300 Start...

I didn't make it town for the 1000 mile race start, for any number of reasons that I won't bother going into publicly! I know a few of the mushers in the Quest 300 start so I did make it for that. Well, part of it, I left right after Will VanRanden, my neighbor, was out of the start chute!

Before Will's turn, Karen and Mark Ramstead were up! The Ramsteads have a devoted base of siberian husky fans. Since I started with purebreds, I have a bit of a soft spot for them too. Karen is one of mushing's good guys and her sibes shine both on the trail and in the show ring.

The Ramsteads' truck is easy to pick out! I once again did not meet Karen. We've been emailing for years; I've even run the odd errand for her, but we've never actually met.

Getting ready to go.

Crunchie was quiet, but anxiously waiting to get hooked up too!

Karen leaving the start chute; the third musher out.

Her happy Huskies!

Calm, cool and collected Karen.

Mark followed shortly after Karen.

Mark looked a bit more tense than Karen!

This is my neighbor, Will VanRanden, heading out. It's quiet around here without Will's dogs. He lives just down the hill from us and our teams chat a few times every day! I really like Will. He's a real dog whisperer and I have great respect for how he cares for his dogs. I hope he does well!


djqhusky said...

Thanks for all the photos of Karen and Mark...and your neighbor's dogs...they look cute in their bandanas!
I know Karen would like copies of her teams.

Teddy Westlife said...

Great photos once again TamaraLyn!


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Grrrrreat photos!

I'm so furry furry jealous!

I wonder if the Karen lady would pawmit me to run with her?

I kind of look like my role model KARA!


Anonymous said...

Awesome photos!!! Thank you for sharing them!

Anonymous said...

Great pics. It's took bad that Slowberians aren't competitive anymore, because they sure look good! When I spent 2 winters in Bavaria back in the early '90s, matched teams of Siberians and even Samoyeds were seen a lot at the many sprint races I went to. Back then, looking good was more important than winning - some of the "dog-trucks" were incredible.

djqhusky said...

Oh Murray...don't start that Slowberian thing again...they have proven they can beat other teams. Maybe they don't come in first, but they do beat many an Alaskan husky team. The record holder for 98 years in the All Alaska Sweepstakes was a team of Siberians. That's not slow.

Phred said...

The Quest 300 Race Updates can be
followed on the web site >>>

Tamara's Pals all seemed to get off
to good starts, but alas -
they were headed for early scratches:

Bib #63 Will vanRanden- returned to Braeburn and scratched at 18:00
Bib #53 Karen Ramstead - scratched at Braeburn due to illness/flu
Bib #56 Mark Ramstead - scatched at Braeburn to support his wife Karen

Here's Hoping their next races
are more rewarding.

Jack & Moo said...

These are great photos, Tamara! Love those happy Siberian faces as they run along! You haven't met Karen yet? Maybe with a little more planning woo two could sit down for coffee, or at least talk over rubbing sibe bellies!

Woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack