Saturday, July 04, 2009

Woohoooo Grey Cup Bound....

My team might not be there, although I like to believe that their rather pathetic season opener was not a sign of things to come. In any case I will be there! November 29, 2009, 4pm MST, McMahon Stadium....with my DAD!! How awesome is that???!!!

Check out all the Grey Cup fun here!

Thanks to my awesome hubby, who bought the tickets and my airfare(my birthday and christmas presents until the end of time I am sure!) and who is staying home to take care of the furries so I can spend a few days with my Dad! He rocks! Actually both my hubby and my Dad rock! My life is richly blessed with good ones!


Queen of Poop said...

Awesome. Maybe we can see you.

Phred said...


There may be *hope*
for that Stuart Fella yet!

(Now, you did buy her a ROUND-trip ticket,
DIDN'T you??)


Khady Lynn said...

How exciting!!! I bet you will have a wonderful time, no matter what teams are playing, but we sure hope it is sweetened if YOUR team can be there!!

Your hubby rocks!!