Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where do you want this one?

"Where to you want this one?"

That's how it all started a little over seven years ago when my hubby hopped out the truck with a dog and Founder joined our pack.

He'd been at the local humane society for over a year after being found tied to the shelter fence. I'd been taking him for walks and was well acquainted with the big goof. He was a large, noisy dog, with boundless energy. Not the easiest dog to find an adoptive home for & all his buddies were already at our place, so why not Founder too?

He fit right in; one of those dogs who was meant to be a pack animal. He had the occasional squabble when Founder thought he should be a boss dog, but he usually regained his senses quickly and settled back in to his spot!

Even the cats liked Founder and unlike many huskies, Founder had no desire to eat cats. He was content to be used as kitty pillow if it meant he got to nap on the couch too!

He was noisy and full of stories. He was always talking, wooing, yelling. Founder was never at a loss for words. He was pushy and demanding; always wanting all the attention. If you happened to scratch the magic spot at the base of his tail, he expected that you would continue all day.
In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, Founder passed away. Our dogsitter found him collapsed just before midnight. Founder passed peacefully at home shortly after. We do not know what happened. We have taken his body to our vet for a necropsy to try and get some answers.

Answers to the whys and hows are only for our peace of mind. Nothing will change the fact that our pack is missing a member; that our yard is eerily quiet without his big voice; that no big blockhead is pushing his way between us every time we try to pet another dog.

I'm so sorry that I wasn't here when you needed me most, but grateful that you were not alone; that you were with a familar person who cared about you as you left.

We will miss and love you forever, Founder.

Edited to add: we just heard from our vet that Founder had a tumour on his heart and his death was essentially inevitable. We are deeply grateful for Dr. Stuart's quick response, competence; for answering our questions and relieving the guilt and what if's that may have haunted us.


TimberLove said...

Peace to you & godspeed to your baby. Soft husky wooos,

RA & Isis

dogsled_stacie said...

RIP Founder. So glad you were able to find out what happened and that you (and probably your dogsitter) feel a little more at ease about Founder's passing.

I agree, the yard is SO different without just one personality there. No matter how big your pack is, it's a huge hole. Take care and smother yourself with lots of husky slobbers.

(PS - love that pic of the cat almost on top of him!)

24 Paws of Love said...

So sorry to hear of Founder's passing. So glad you took him in and that he became one of the pack. We too, once had a noisy dog, always talking and barking, the house was never so quiet after he passed. Paw prayers for you and your family.

Carol said...

So very grateful to Todd for bringing Founder inside and being there with him but also grateful that Founder did not leave you with a difficult decision as to whether it was his time or not. Too hard on the humans...will miss his noisy greeting at the fence as he was one of the dogs that actually came to me for attention.Love and hugs, daughter and Stuart, as you mourn the loss of another friend.

Jack & Moo said...

Godspeed, Founder. May you continue to live in happiness on your journey.

jack & moo & pat

gracies tough journey said...

I am so sorry for your loss. It broke my heart reading this.