Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our first vet trips of the year!

It didn't take long for the dogs to require the services of All Paws Vet Clinic in 2012! 
Franklin went first. 
Just before Christmas, Franklin was at the clinic getting a skin infection checked out.  His seasonal allergies never went away and turned into a bacterial skin infection.  During that exam, we found a lump on his front leg that turned out to be cancerous.  It grew like crazy over the holidays so it had to be removed!  A week ago, Franklin had the surgery.  He is recovering well.  The type of cancer he has is unlikely to spread to other parts of his body. It does have a high rate of reoccurance though so we'll be keeping a close eye on that spot! 

Franklin also turned 12 this week!  We are grateful he's back on his paws and here to celebrate with us!  Moose bones for everyone!!

We started today with an early morning phone call to Dr. Stuart. 
Heyoka couldn't stand up.  His back legs just weren't working.  He has had a back problem before but this looked much more serious!  We were waiting at the clinic when the door was unlocked.  Heyoka had regained some use of his legs by then, but he was unhappy, weak, and wobbly!  

A big dose of prednisone, a muscle relaxer and some accupuncture perked him right up!  He's not 100% yet. His balance is still a little iffy, especially if he tries to run or move too fast!  He probably has a pinched nerve in his back.  Fortunately it seems to respond to medication.   Heyoka is getting older too; he's so goofy that it's hard to believe he's a senior dog!   I'm very glad to have the big goof home tonight!

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Redberry Cottage said...

You both must get well soon and enjoy that beautiful snow!