Friday, April 06, 2012

It had been too calm...

It had been too calm for too long, something had to happen and happen it did....

I don't know definatively what happened or who's to blame, besides me, so I won't name any suspects.  12 days ago, Boots had a run in with one of the dogs. I suspect he was racing through the house in the wee hours of the morning, probably harassing Ivy.  Everyone harasses Ivy!  Boots startled a sleeping dog and that dog reacted as dogs will react with a snap of teeth.  Whichever dog it was realized instantly that they had made a mistake and released.  Had they not, this would be a memorial post for Boots. 

Boots did suffer serious injuries including a crushed sinus cavity and a broken palate.  Fortunately, he did not suffer any brain damage and neurologically he's fully functional.  He has spent most of the past two weeks in the wonderful care of Dr. Candace Stuart at All Paws Vet Clinic.  He would not be here without her care! 

Boots came home on Thursday night.  His skull is healing. His palate is solid again, but slightly misaligned.  One sinus cavity is almost normal, the other has much more extensive damage.

 The most pressing current issue is that Boots won't eat on his own.  Cats get very ill very quickly when they don't eat.  Boots had a feeding tube put in on Tuesday.  It will stay in until he eats on his own for several days in a row.  So far he's eaten nothing on his own, but he has been a most cooperative patient !  Tube feeding is not as easy as it looks, but is more stressful for me than it is for Boots!  He purrs and sleeps through most of his feedings! 

He is acting like our usual sweet Boots, full of purrs, snuggles and kisses...even headbonks, although I don't think that's such a good idea given the whole fractured skull issue!
Boots is about the nicest cat I've ever met.  He's all kinds of awesome.  He's fought hard to make it this far.  I am hoping the fight gets easier from here for him. 

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