Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Paxil's surgery

Paxil had her surgery yesterday. The vet was able to get 2cm of healthy tissue on all sides of the tumor. The recommendation for this type of cancer is 3cm, but due to the location of Paxil's tumor, 2 was all they could safely take. It makes for a HUGE gash on her leg. She was allowed to come home last night. She didn't move much and spent all her time on her special bed by the woodstove. Today she is much perkier and has asked to go outside a couple times. She even joined in a howlfest this morning! I'm again amazed at how resiliant these animals are. If I had a gash like that in my leg, I'd be at the hospital begging for morphine and whining to anyone who would listen!! I would not be out running around in the snow!

My pretty girl, the day before her surgery.

The results from the biopsy will be back in about a week. We have all paws crossed that it's a stage one tumor--that would mean Paxil has an almost normal life expectancy. Or even better, we'd like our vet to be wrong--a misdiagnosis would be wonderful in this case!

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