Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Stuart had a hernia repair surgery on February 1--which is why I haven't updated for awhile. He's been very sore and not able to do much at all. Just standing up makes him wince. Hopefully, he'll start to feel better soon. He is not a good patient!

He had to go back to the hospital today for a quick check-up. So I got home a bit early after his appointment. It's staying light out longer now and the evenings are great! It was a little too warm today, but I went for a run anyway!

My little six dog team... up front Pingo and Franklin (started with Mac up front, but he was very distractable today!) Pacer and Antare in swing and Earle and Mac in wheel.

It was pretty slow going today. The trail was soft and dogs needed lots of short breaks to prevent overheating. But they had a good time and everyone made it home happy!

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