Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Delta & Antare's Gotcha Day!

Three years ago today, two timid 9 month old littermates joined our pack. Technically fosters at the time, but seriously, did anyone think they were leaving!? Delta and Antare had spent most of their puppyhood in the shelter. Cute as buttons, but no one was interested in dogs who cowered in the back corner of their kennel all day, who had to be carried outside even for fun stuff.

Their shelter website pic. Such cute little guys, but they rarely moved from this position!

The day they joined us wasn't a particularly happy one around our kennel. The night before we had rushed Kayleigh to the vet with a 6 inch gash across her neck, a wound inflicted by her sister who we were attempting to foster. Unfortunately, Summit's temperment was even worse than Kayleigh's and despite our best efforts we could not keep our permanent residents safe from Summit. So on the morning of August 16 as the shelter manager unlocked the doors, I was waiting with Summit in the truck. She had to go back to the shelter, the only foster we've ever completely given up on. Of course there were no open kennels so someone had to leave for Summit to return. I said we'd take a timid, non-aggressive male and walked out with two of them.

When we got to the house, Antare could not get out of the truck fast enough. He was thrilled to see other dogs and he already knew several of them from the shelter. It took over an hour to convince Delta that it was safe to come out.

They've come a long way in three years. They will never be super friendly, outgoing dogs, but they no longer cower in fear from everything. Antare is one of the best little sled dogs I have. He'll do anything if it means he can go for a run. He hates being left behind. Several miles from home, I can still hear his mournful howls if he's left in the yard.

My happy little sled dog--even when there's no snow!

Delta is still much more timid than his brother, but we can handle him now. He doesn't approach often for attention, but we have long conversations every day. He does love to WOOOOO at me. I'm hoping this winter he will find his place in the team too. That beautiful gait is being wasted running around the yard! Delta adores other dogs and they in turn adore him. He is one of the dogs in our kennel who can go in just about any pen and get along with the other dogs.

Even at -40C, Delta's a looker!

I wasn't happy the day I got them, but I'm happy they are here. Happy Anniversary, boys.

Oh, & Summit, the foster from hell, eventually found her forever home too--with a single man who lives in the boonies, no other dogs, no cats, no kids, no neighbors. A perfect place for her less than perfect temperment!

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