Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A gift from Beyond...maybe??

It was three weeks yesterday that Twicket moved on to the next life. How did that happen?? Seems like yesterday sometimes and forever ago at others. One of the last things I told him was that if he knew of another senior kitty in need to send the kitty my way. Twicket was a senior when I adopted him, already over 13 when he arrived. I had looked at some other cats at the shelter, but wanted to wait for a senior, to honor Twicket's memory.

Stuart called me this morning and asked me to bring him lunch at the shelter. So I took him lunch and just as i was about to leave, he asked if I wanted to meet a kitty. I was introduced to a big white fluffball with clear blue eyes. She was hiding in a kitty condo, but came out for some loving after a few minutes. I cried into her fur for a bit as she reminded me of my Twicket--who was predominately white with big blue eyes.

Later Stuart told me how old she is and asked if I wanted her. She was abandoned yesterday by her owner who didn't want to take her when he moves. Kasha joined the family a couple hours later. She was born the same year as Twicket so she's 15! She appears younger than her age. She was seen by my vet today(he's also the shelter vet) and Dr. Kim says that Kasha could have several years of life left in her. She's in very good shape! She has a small red spot above her tail from over grooming, but hopefully once she settles in here that will stop.

When I went back to pick her up, there was a beautiful rainbow in the sky. The perfectly rational side of me knows that came from the shower we had just before, but the other part of me, the part that believes in miracles and the Rainbow Bridge, believes that rainbow was Twicket giving his approval.

I know that Kasha is not Twicket and she will never replace him, but there is room for another in my heart & home. Welcome home Kasha and Thanks Twicket!


Anonymous said...

Meow! She's a pretty kitty! Glad to hear she's so friendly, too!

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