Sunday, September 18, 2005


We are busy trying to get ready for winter here. We have the new woodstove hooked up, although we still need the rock plate for underneath it. My parents bought it for us in February so it's about time it got put in place!!

I spent all day hauling wood out of Raven's pen. Raven is a little miffed that I took away her toys. She thinks the logs should stay for her to run around on. I also discovered several large tunnels under the logs. Almost broke my ankle when what I thought was a hole turned out to be a very long tunnel. No wonder the dogs in that pen disappear sometimes! They have a tunnel system that rivals the ones Al Capone built in Moose Jaw!!!

Still paddling lots. I had to buy some pogies to keep my hands warm now though--Thanks for the birthday cheque Mom, that's what I bought! Pogies are a type of glove that wraps around the paddle shaft. Keeps your hands very warm even when the air, water and metal paddle shaft are freezing!

Deuce the foster dog is staying for good. Stuart put in his resignation letter at the shelter as there is just too much bullshit going on there. It's no longer worth the aggravation. Deuce can't go back there as the staff would just kill him. Doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body, but he should die because he's active and has a bump on his nose. Well, that's not happening. He's mine. Welcome home, Deucey-loosey!

It's cooling off and I don't have to work tomorrow so maybe a training run will finallly happen again!

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Anonymous said...

Hi T! Tripped across your blog completely by accident while looking up some vet stuff for Gypsy. So sorry to hear about Dom and Twicket. Been too long since we were out.

Thanks for confirming my instincts with Bean when I called. He's fine - Candace fixed him right up and she didn't even seem to mind having her weekend interrupted!

Later, D