Wednesday, December 21, 2005

How I spent Solstice...

Tonight is the longest night of the year. I didn't see the few brief hours of light we did get today--Never let all the managers and all the assistants go on holidays at the same time. It can get ugly! Like letting all the female dogs loose at the same time! I will be pointing that out to my director when he returns from his holidays. Thank God this isn't really my job! I like being a peon!

So after the nuttiness at work, did I do anything fun today. Go to the longest night concert, light a bonfire....anything fun?? NOPE! I came home to discover someone had bit Paxil. I am instantly pissed. So I tie up the most likely suspects while ranting about what a bunch of ungrateful heathens they all are. Nothing my dogs hate more than being on a chain, even if it was for less than an hour. The bite is in a weird spot, on her chest, near her front legs. I suppose it's possible that she ran into something, but I like to think she's not that clumsy--she's my leader; she's not supposed to be clumsy! None of the other dogs have any wounds or even look like they've been chewed on. So I spent the first 20 minutes after I got home doctoring Paxil up. The wound looks worse than it is and she's already on anti-biotics. I expect it will heal fine. She ate and wooed at me to hurry up with the grub so she's feeling okey dokey.

Then I go into the back pen where I discover that Mac has killed a raven--the bird not my dog by the same name. Nice work, Mac. I do hate those birds. Apparently this one teased Mac a wee bit too much. He is a fast little bugger. Of course Stuart is not home so I had to clean up the raven remains myself. Good for the diet though as it did kill my appetite!

Then I notice Raven, the dog, not the dead bird, is limping. What the hell!? She has a nice gash on her front leg, right on the ankle joint. I have no idea when she did that. It's not a bite. It's perfectly straight, no jagged edges, no puncture sites. So I let Raven into the arctic entry. Did I mention she's insane? She forgot her leg hurt and did a couple extra laps of the yard before coming to the door. Not quite as fast as usual, but enough to make me think that the limp was faked! Cleaned her leg up and wrapped it with some vet wrap, made another mental note to buy my own stapler. It's going to take forever to heal. Every time she bends her leg it pops open. But it's not bleeding, doesn't look infected, and Raven is more or less her silly self. I'm sure the vet wrap has been chewed off in the 10 minutes she's been alone! Good thing that stuff is cheap!

Not a great pic and an older one, but it does explain why we call her Crazy Raven!

Apparently, the dogs had a very busy day. I'm exhausted just dealing with the aftermath!


dogsled_stacie said...

So I tie up the most likely suspects while ranting about what a bunch of ungrateful heathens they all are.

HA!!! I almost spewed up my tea when I read that.

My dogs get that "lecture" quite often actually. Here's a few of my favourites:
"why are you all always trying to make things as difficult as possible for me?"
"Hey! You be nice!!" (usually directed to Gracie and George)
"Git outta the way!!" (as I trip over 8 dogs with a full bucket of food.

Good thing holidays are coming up soon eh?!?

Wandering Spirit Kennels said...

LOL, yes, my guys hear some version of it pretty regularly. Usually something like these:
"Ozzy shut up"
"Seriously, was that necessary?"
"Move your furry butt"--what is it about trying to trip us when we have our hands full!?
"one more time and I swear you'll be tied up for days"--I can never stick to that one; it's an empty threat and they know it!

Somedays just keeping them from killing each other takes all my time!!

I can't wait for my holidays. Four days for Christmas will be nice, but I have all of February booked off! My friend, Karen Ramstead, is running the Quest this year. I'm hoping to give her a hand and be a bit more of Quest junkie!

dogsled_stacie said...

Ha - those are good too! We should start a list on each of our blogs.

Hey - that'll be cool helping Karen! Are you following her along? I'll definitely head up to a few checkpoints along the way. I mean, how could you NOT??

funhog and fundogs said...

too funny, when I give them the big threat or ask them "what the hell do you think you are doing?" they look at me with the expression Who Me? followed by some loving touch or WooWoo and I start backpedaling "oh, I guess its ok, come on over and get a pet".

best wishes for a merry christmas and some snow like really soon