Saturday, December 31, 2005

What a difference...

Today marks four years since Pete told us he was sick. Pete blocked completely for the first time on New Year's four years ago. Stuart had to host our bonfire party alone as I was at the vet clinic most of the night. Pete was very close to death and I wouldn't leave just in case. It was the start of five long months of trips to the vet with a very sick kitty. In May we gave up and Pete had surgery. The surgery didn't solve the problem, but it does prevent Pete from blocking. That is the life-threatening part of his problem. The rest of the symptoms seem to have improved as Pete has aged.

Today, Pete is fat, happy, healthy and has a bit of 'tude from time to time. Earlier today, he brought a mouse in from the kitty enclosure. What a difference from December 31, 2001!

Yes, it is warm enough to open the enclosure...sigh...... The snow last night was just a big tease. Not much accumulated, but I'll take every flake the Snow Gods want to drop at this point!

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