Monday, December 18, 2006

Fun, fun, fun!

Our weekend started off with one of the best runs this little team has had in a long time. We ran into two big dog teams. Between the three teams, there were over 30 dogs in a short section of very narrow trail. This was my team's first head on pass in two years! First time we've seen another team in a very long time and just to make things extra exciting, I had Franklin, my little gator, hooked up! My first instinct was to freak out, but the dogs pick up on that very quickly. If the human is freaked out, they must freak out too! Both passes were almost flawless. No tangles, no growls, no aggression from Franklin and no one jumped him! Wooo Hoooo!

On the way back, we ran into a skier with three loose dogs. Again, no problems getting by any of them. I may have to stop calling Franklin an alligator soon!

This afternoon we received a package from a Secret Santa exchange. The critters are set for a long time for toys! There was one bag for each of them, plus one for me!

Rope toys, tug toys, cat toys, stuffies, tennis balls....even squeaky tennis balls. Toys of all kinds!

Sundin has just learned how to play. He's going to have a riot with this bounty of toys!!


Anonymous said...

Very cool with the passing! Yay, Franklin! Y'know, he's practicing his VERY BEST behaviour so he can come visit his sisters at the CHT race!! ;)

Great shot of Sundin!

And ooooh!! Lookit all those TOYS!!!! Wow!!!


Anonymous said...

WHAT!? No Photos of the Big Passes?? ... What were you doin - just Ridin Along?? *snikker*
Congrats to ALL for the No-Phuss Passes!

You could open a Toy Shop!
Did YOU pick out a nice *squeeky* one?

Have a MERRY Christmas and a Great Trip to the Folks & Family!!

{{{Hugs}}} from Phred