Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Oh, my Franklin is officially a senior today, if you believe what the makers of senior formula dog food tout as fact! Franklin is seven! Except for the grey muzzle that he developed as a four year old, I don't see many signs of aging in Franklin

He spent this evening doing what he loves best--pulling. Picture is from Saturday afternoon. Too dark for a decent shot of his sweet, frosty face today!

Today is also my Dad's birthday, but I bet unless you're giving him a discount on something, he'll tell you has at least one more year before he's offically a senior! I doubt Dad got to do what he loves best--it's hard to golf in Saskatchewan in mid-January!

But I bet he got to play with the grandkids today, that's almost as good as golf!

Happy Birthday to two of my favorite males!


dogsled_stacie said...

Happy Birthday to our favourite brother that we beat up so loooong ago in that puppy pen!! (Franklin that is, not your dad!)

The monsters (aka: Gracie, George and Lucy)

Phred said...

Happy Birthdays to the two "Boys"!

Did Dad ever try painting the golf balls ORANGE for better visibility in the snow?