Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A rant and a huge THANK YOU!!

Over the weekend, the trail I use most frequently with my dogs was badly damaged by a moron in a Jeep Rubicon. Local readers may have already read about this as my ticked off letter to the editor was published in both local papers! The Yukon News even published the plate number(BPA10). The tire tracks made the trail dangerous for dogs and humans! There is really no way around it either. That trail is the only direct access to Mary Lake itself. I am certainly not the only person who uses it either. It's heavily travelled by skidoos, skiers, skijorers, other dog teams, walkers ect. It's a busy little section of trail.

This is what some of the trail looked like. This was one of the better sections! There were much more damaged areas!

Last night, I sent an email to the Klondike Snowmobile Association asking if they knew of anywhere I could get some kind of trail grooming device to try and repair some of the damage. I offered to pay rental fees, hourly wages, gas money...whatever.

By 10 o'clock this morning, I had been contacted at work by a member of the KSA. By the time I got home from work tonight, the trail was repaired! It's actually better than it was before! It's a thing of beauty. I was so relieved and grateful, I came close to tears! The KSA members volunteered their time and equipment as they have experienced the same type of problems repeated this year on the trails they normally maintain. I can not thank the KSA, specifically Jim and Harris, nearly enough! Your generousity will allow the regular users of this trail to return to their winter activities with no additional worries! THANK YOU!!

I'm not normally a big fan of further government regulation, but I think it's time the City stepped in; A by-law banning the use of anything larger than an ATV on city trails in the winter months makes perfect sense to me. Why should one inconsiderate jerk ruin the enjoyment of an area well within city limits for everyone else?


Meandering Michael said...

I saw your letter today. Good for you!

I'd just like to point out that some inconsiderate ATV drivers ruin trails too. A month ago, I nearly broke my neck XC-skiing down a trail near my house. The two 30 cm deep ruts the ATV dug into the snowy trail meant I couldn't snowplow to slow down; it was a little more than disconcerting barrelling downhill, picking up speed, not being able to see around the bends and knowing that if I inadvertently left the narrow strip in the middle that I'd break at least one bone in my body.

I know it's not all ATV riders - just the inconsiderate ones that gun their tires and gouge-out the trails.

Wandering Spirit Kennels said...

I agree, Michael. It's the few inconsiderate users of almost everything that ruin it for the rest of us--including the good users of whatever equipment it is. I think the City is already looking at regulating the use of ATV's within city limits more tightly. I remember reading about some complaints over the summer. Simple common sense and courtesy apparently isn't so common anymore!


dogsled_stacie said...

Yeah, the KSA is great - they offered to help us with trail grooming for the last Copper Haul Race. And even gave us those signs to give the right of way to dogteams. Nice!

Glad to hear your trails are back in one piece!!

Good rant! :)

Fawn said...

I happened to see your letter to the editor, as well, and I'm so glad to hear that the trail is better than ever now!

I wonder if tighter regulations will help? Not to be pessimistic, but I was recently out with a friend who actually works for the City and she expessed the opinion that calling By-Law Services rarely gets any results -- most people get warnings, but no consequences.

Still, you have to start somewhere, right? And I certainly agree that road vehicles shouldn't be allowed on trails.

Hope that Jeep driver thinks twice in future!

Wandering Spirit Kennels said...

Thanks Fawn,

Yup, have to start somewhere. I've actually always had a really good response when I've had to call By-Law. Usually I've been calling about an animal issue and often there isn't a whole lot they can do since animal protection laws suck up here(that's a whole other ranting post though!). They have always followed up and done what they could though.

I ran the dogs on that trail last night and it was fabulous! Usually we just have skidoo tracks to follow. An actual groomed trail was a real treat!


Unknown said...

Hey, I had a crappy day. I'm glad to see that westerners still step up for their neighbours. The act of kindness shown to you made me feel better. Three cheers for the guys who helped you out!